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World Breastfeeding Month

How do you find support for breastfeeding?
Many moms today use the internet to get answers and support for breastfeeding.  Don’t forget to like our Suncoast La Leche League Facebook page for last minutes updates about our meetings.

August is World Breastfeeding Month and in the USA we are celebrating with Live, Love, Latch.  Find it on Facebook:

And on Twitter at #LiveLoveLatch abd

Here are some of our favorite sites for breastfeeding information:
Frequently asked questions at the La Leche League International website:
Mother to Mother Forums at the site
The Award Winning and very user-friendly kellymom page.  Try her search box.
Dr. Jack Newman’s website
Diane Weissinger’s wonderful articles on breastfeeding.  Click on the tabs – Why, Starting and Continuing:
In closing, I would like to quote here what Diane says on the home page of her website about finding support: 
Breastfeeding is about community. In the past, women learned it from infancy. They chatted with other mothers, learned from other mothers –by seeing what they liked and what they didn’t like – and they helped one another. They absolutely didn’t learn breastfeeding from a book… or from a website!
Find yourself a group of real, live, non-internet mothers to learn from and to learn with. La Leche League is one of the easiest groups to find and one of the longest-running, though there are others.
And for a great way to jump start finding your own community, attend one or more days of the LLL of Florida and the Caribbean Islands Parenting Conference, October 10-12 in Cocoa Beach. You can hear talks by Dr. Newman and Kellymom (Kelly Bonyata) as well as other terrific speakers and meet several hundred other breastfeeding families. Be sure and check it out




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